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Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: Politicians: Do your job

Hey why don’t all of us have a “joint”? These so-called politicians, local and national, seem to think they get paid to interfere and tell us what we can and can’t do in our private life.

They complained about tobacco, but now we can vote for recreational “joints”. So now we have e-cigarettes and they want to regulate and tax them like cigarettes. They are a vapor, no tobacco. The glycol in them is vegetable oil (we cook with).

They want to tax them like cigarettes so they have more money to care for illegals and send overseas. People here need jobs and to be able to feed their families.

It’s a crock of crap it will help schools. If that was what the lottery was for then why do they need repairs? When you win you only get half or wait twenty years to collect all of it.

A working American on average, after the price of food, rent, utilities and other necessary things, is lucky to be able to buy a pack of cigarettes and a cool beer for him or her to enjoy after taxes.Vacations are not for them and their families.

I grew up in the Depression. I was born in 1929 so I’m an eight-seven year old woman and hell yes I smoked for seventy years. I never drank. I now use e-cigarettes and I enjoy them very much. It’s about all I have left to enjoy.

I sure don’t need more taxes and politicians grabbing for more money. They can’t say they aren’t personal when they even got in our bathrooms. There is even tax on toilet paper.

Do the job you were put there to do. Fix things that need fixed in cities, counties and the state.

Quit giving our hard-earned money away to illegals and foreign country handouts. Do your job.

I did mine for eighty years.

Better Wright

Kingman Resident


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