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Tue, Oct. 22

Column: Hillary Clinton’s record

John Perazzo, writing for Front Page Mag, has put together all of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is the most unfit and undeserving individual to ever seek the office of the American presidency.

While we know most of these reasons, putting them all together in one piece leaves you stunned that anyone could support this woman for any public office including dog catcher.

Starting with her private email server and the Espionage Act – Hillary Clinton never acquired or used a government email account in her four years as secretary of state and in violation of government regulations.

All official correspondence traced back to her secret, private, unsecured server at her New York home.

Immediately following the subpoena of all those emails by Congress, without any oversight, she had Cheryl Mills, her sometimes attorney and sometimes chief of staff (whichever hat worked at the time) unilaterally delete from 32,000 up to 55,000.

Simply explaining it away; that using one personal email account rather than her own and a government account was just easier, along with carrying just one device.

Eventually, we learned she had at least 13 mobile devices that she had smashed to bits with a hammer before anyone could go over them.

She testified and repeatedly assured us, not to worry, not even one piece of classified material had ever been transmitted via her unsecured, secret personal server.

We now learn, 2,079 emails sent or received contained classified material.

Each of those constitutes a felony violation of Section 793 of the Espionage Act, punishable by up to 10 years each. Defense Secretary Gates said the odds are high that China, Iran and Russia hacked her unsecure server.

Gee, do you think?

And in so doing, she put the lives of some 315 million Americans in danger.

But hey, not to worry. At least she didn’t engage in locker room trash talk, so that’s the really important thing we need to remember when voting in November.

I will continue to go through each reason why Hillary is unfit to serve in any capacity in government on my Blog – Beyond the Mainstream Media – including getting rich off Haiti’s misery. Or the unbelievable illegal receiving of money from foreign governments by the Clinton Foundation, while donating some 10 percent only to charity. Or her secretary of state vote that gave 20 percent of our uranium to Putin and Russia, while her husband gave a speech in Russia that garnered them over $500 million.

Also illegal.

Linda Athens


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