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Sun, Feb. 23

The Clinton Foundation Scandals

Campaign finance laws prohibit U.S. political figures from accepting foreign money. And for good reason; since it’s intended to prevent foreign entities from influencing American policy decisions.

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation found their way around that prohibition, however, and as the Washington Post reported in 2015, one-third of their donations were from foreign sources.

Over half contributed more than $5 million, the rest over $1 million. Ten gave money also to Hezbollah, to the families of Palestinian terrorists. Then there was the UAE that promotes Sharia law, two Dubai-based companies that promote Sharia law, a private Chinese construction company owned by a member of the Chinese parliament, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei. During Hillary's actual tenure (2009-2013), the Clinton Foundation received millions in donations from seven foreign governments while Bill earned $48 million from these foreign sources for his speaking fees.

The AP reported this year that of HRC's State Department's 154 scheduled meetings, 85 were to Clinton Foundation donors who gave a total of $156 million to the Clinton Foundation; also reporting that another $170 million was received from 16 Hillary personally met with.

End result, the Clinton State Department approved billions of dollars of arms deals to the Clinton Foundation donors, including countries with appalling human rights records. Quid pro quo. The Clintons have no shame - their goals have always been money and power.

Reviewing IRS documents by The Federalist between 2009-2012, the Clinton Foundation raised over $500 million in total but a mere 15 percent of that went towards programmatic grants while the other $425 million was used for travel expenses, employee salaries and benefits. Only 6 percent went to actual charitable aid. Hillary's longtime aide, Huma Abeden of Muslim Brotherhood fame, had even been put on the Clinton Foundation payroll at the same time she was working as Hillary's top gun at the State Department. I think they got around it by saying Huma was on maternity leave from State.

Please note. There is a Trump Foundation. Every penny goes to charity.

By comparison, Hillary and Bill Clinton use their foundation as a money laundering operation to enrich themselves while proudly declaring it is to help the needy.

The only place Hillary Clinton is qualified to serve is in a prison. Bill Clinton should be in the cell with her. The illegalities they have been able to get away with in the last 30 years is stunning, including suspicious murders taking place around them, and money disappearing, such as the $6 billion lost in the State Department under Hillary's watch, with no plausible explanation as to where it went. That's a lot of coin. Anyone else heading a department with a loss like that would be under instant investigation, fired - possibly prosecuted.

Just one of hundreds in the long list of Clinton crimes. Don't waste your vote on Hillary Clinton. If she has done this much damage while not POTUS, imagine the damage if she IS POTUS.

Today, it is reported a new Wikileak drop spells out in startling detail from John Podesta, head man in the Clinton crew, how to over poll and rig poll results in Hillary's favor. No surprise there. Funny thing. While the Clinton's try blaming Russia for hacked e-mails, John Podesta is actually employed by the Russian government.

Their web of deceit sets new records.

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