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Thu, Nov. 14

Column: Disrespect for flag insults all of us

This is an open letter to all those who think it is “cute” and “a statement of one’s high minded principles” to kneel or to sit or to turn their back, or to otherwise intentionally demean and insult the flag of this country when they are asked to rise and pledge their allegiance to the flag that represents all the good that this country has been and still is. While accomplishing that insult, they spit on all the souls of those who have given everything they had, including their lives, to protect the rights of these wannabe rebels who have never given anything whatsoever of themselves for our country.

The very act of refusing to recite the pledge by these craven cowards tells me that they would be quite willing to betray our country and our citizenry if they thought it would be “cute” or “cool” and would raise their social stature amongst their peers.

Whether it be an over-privileged and overpaid football player or a junior high school student or an entire high school football team, their act(s) of egregious disrespect to our flag and to all true patriotic, contributing citizens puts each and every one of them in the category of losers who have no personal set of convictions or standards of conduct.

These people are essentially empty of thought and empty of any commitment to any goal of accomplishment and are devoid of any spirit of common decency.

Their disgusting hypocrisy allows them to engage in this sort of thing because they think only of themselves and they have no concern whatsoever for the rest of the world about them.

I challenge these human failures to do some research into what sort of treatment they would be accorded in many, if not most, countries around the world if they were ever to dare to exhibit this sort of calculated insult to the banner that represents the heart and soul of a country.

Their reward would be either a bullet or lengthy imprisonment.

I call upon all true Americans to reach out to any and all of these would-be traitors when you have the opportunity.

Tell them what a disgrace you think they are to our country and to their fellow man.

Challenge them and let them know that they are not just making a fool’s statement when they insult our flag, but that they are insulting you as an individual citizen and all the other patriotic Americans and all those who fought and died to protect the rights of such as these.

Behaviors such as theirs are not a show of valor or high principle. This sort of thinking can most easily be seen in the illiterate, inarticulate scribblings of slow-minded wimps on the stall walls of stinking public restrooms.

That is where their “philosophy” is most admired.

Jack Hommel

Golden Valley Resident

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