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Sat, Dec. 07

Letter: Candidate comparison

Let’s see … Trump employs 22,500 people (nearly the size of Kingman) who pay income, sales, and property taxes directly or indirectly via renting. Trump also pays millions in property and sales taxes. How many, besides Bill’s, um, lady friends and house staff, do the Clinton’s employ?

Hillary has spent her life signing the back of checks. Trump has spent his life signing the front of them. Unlike Hillary, Trump doesn’t underpay his female employees.

Trump had a $1 billion loss of his own money. H. Clinton lost $6 billion of the taxpayers money while secretary of State. Fact. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the $6 trillion, with a ‘T’, the Pentagon lost.

The Clintons own three mansions plus Chelsea’s $10 million penthouse in NYC. How did they afford that on civil service pay? Exactly! They didn’t because they have learned the fine art of grifting the system instead of building the economy and paying into it like Trump has all these years.

Trump = Builder and Job Maker

Clinton = Taker and Grifter

Clinton implying Trump is somehow dishonest because of his taxes is like a filthy gas station toilet calling the pristine operating room sink dirty.

All businesspeople employ competent accountants to work within the tax code in any given year to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible rather than give more than they need to, of which some will just get wasted, like so much is in the federal government. I like to think states are more responsible with the tax income they receive.

Rather than squeal incessantly to see more of Donald Trump’s tax records, the Democrats should be asking the hard questions about why foreign rich people and governments “donated” so much money to the ‘pay to play’ Clinton Foundation operation while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State. It’s the Clintons who have mountains of dirt around them. Trump maybe has a molehill.

Bob Morrow


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