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Wed, March 20

Letter: A stand-up guy

I stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to show respect for the boys who lost their lives in our many conflicts to win and maintain our freedom. I stand for the young man who took a lead ball in the chest, dropped to the ground and shed his last tear into the dirt during our Revolution. I stand for the man during the Civil War who took a mini ball in the leg and sat leaning against a tree as he bled out, thinking of the warm sun on his face and his farm and family back home. I stand for the man in WWII who was blown to pieces but still lived long enough to receive his consolation prize of several doses of morphine to block the pain. I stand for the man in Afghanistan whose armored vehicle stopped the high velocity IED from shredding his body like a fireball through cheese but still had his eardrums destroyed by the concussion. I stand for all the men and women who gave their everything so we can live in this great country and have the rights that we have. Even your right to sit.

Maybe you don’t understand why most of us stand because our education system has never shown you why you might want to stand, they only tell you that you should, or that you don’t have to. Of course a little education at home might help you understand why you might want to stand. If you don’t want to stand no one should tell you that you have to. The fact that anyone would feel the need to contact the ACLU over not standing may mean our educators need to be educated.

That a college educated man earning $14 million a year fighting a pretend war feels a need to sit (or kneel) in protest is beyond me, but it is his right. The fact that he is willing to take from this country (college education and $14 million comes to mind) and not offer to share in the effort to fight for those very things and then engages in a protest against this country is something I find disgraceful. I know why I stand. I stand out of respect. Do you really know why you sit?

Douglas Hammond



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