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Mon, Jan. 20

Letter: The truth about the pregnancy center’s mission

As sinister as Aleeta Stamn would like the Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center to sound in her libelous tirade of Sept. 29, the truth is far different. Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to helping women of all ages who are bringing a new life into the world.

Our center is further recognized as a Qualifying Charitable Organization by the state of Arizona and this qualifies donors for the state tax credit.Our center offers non-judgmental advice and help to any pregnant woman who comes to us. No, we will not refer for an abortion, but we will do our absolute best to assure any woman who wishes to carry her pregnancy to term will have all the help we can give.

We can also refer for adoption for the woman who does not believe she can care for her baby at this point in her life.

Our center is not affiliated with any religion or church, although we receive donations from many various denominations. We also receive donations and grants from organizations that have no religious affiliation whatever and the federal government. Do you really believe these organizations would be giving our center funding if we were lying about pregnancy test results or had nonprofessionals in white lab coats misleading pregnant women?

Yes, our center offers classes on prenatal issues, child discipline, nutrition during pregnancy, development of the baby during pregnancy, postnatal concerns, understanding child development and other subjects. As a reward for taking these classes, getting to doctor appointments, going to WIC appointments and other achievements, we give points that can be exchanged for necessary baby and pregnancy items.

However, we would not and have not turned away a woman with any kind of an emergency (rather loosely defined) need for diapers, formula, baby wipes, etc.

Our center, through trained professionals, offers pregnancy tests that are accepted by DES and WIC.

With our trained professionals, we offer ultra-sounds to pregnant women without cost so they can see the development of their baby. We do offer family planning information and we do refer for family planning services, but we do not refer for abortions. By the way, we are not located “in close proximity to legitimate women’s clinics.” We are located where women in need of our services can find us, on Northern Avenue.

The objection to two women from our center giving truthful information about pregnancy, child birth and raising children leaves me wondering just what the objective of the letter writer is, other than to promote abortion and vilify those who offer an alternative.

Don Lynch

Board of Directors

Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center

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