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Wed, Jan. 29

You Are What You Eat

Our family get-togethers are usually pot luck style, and may consist of many different kinds of food. It is not unusual to have Mexican style beans, dolmas (a Turkish/Greek dish), two kinds of rice, potato salad and macaroni salad.

At a recent family gathering the conversation went to the many different kinds of hot dogs that were being barbecued.

The hot dogs were a variety. Some were all beef, some were cheese-filled and some were turkey hot dogs. One of my sons is certain that turkey hot dogs are basically made from the beaks and feet of a turkey! Now that is a nasty thought, but then again, who can still read the small print identifying the ingredients?

We have all heard the old saying, "You are what you eat." Now that is a scary thought. How interesting would it be if we all actually did look like the food we ate?

Walking the isles at Walmart could certainly be entertaining. Can you picture a walking carrot? Or a box of crackers with legs? How about those who are what they drink? Would we see people who strongly resemble a can of beer, instead of displaying the traditional BEER GUT? Would we see some well-dressed ladies who look like wine bottles?(for those closet wine drinkers)

The older I get the more I am convinced that what we do eat has a lot to do with how we feel. I know that on the days that I eat too much, I do feel like crap the next day. Unless of course the over-eating was just too much soup and salad. Possible, but not very likely. They say, (whomever THEY are) that as we age our metabolism changes. It slows down and we need to eat less in order to maintain a healthy weight. Well, isn't that just dandy?

There are many older folks who have not been overweight at any time in their lives. Not any of these in my family, but I know they do exist somewhere. Many of us normal people have had to deal with weight issues our whole lives. Wouldn't you think that after a certain age we would just get a break? Not gonna happen. Even though Sister and I have traded out most of the unhealthy food for pretend food, we just can't win! Not only is the healthy stuff way more expensive, you really have to get used to it! We no longer miss real mayonnaise, real eggs, or anything with real sugar. When we feel the urge to be BAD, I just go get something from the store and we both have some of it. We then pass it on to our neighbors with the message, "thank you for saving us from ourselves."

Some people compare food addiction to that of alcoholism. I say, "Not at all true." Trying to get an overeater to stop overeating, would be like telling an alcoholic he can only have three drinks a day! Because we have to eat to stay alive, and drinking alcohol is not a necessity of life, they are absolutely not the same!

Although Sister and I are currently at a good weight (for a change), we do not take this status for granted. We know we could go back to our old habits very quickly. And soon be a walking cake with legs!

If we truly are what we eat, that would certainly explain my turkey neck! I will have Sister check my back for any accumulation of feathers, also.

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