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Mon, Aug. 19


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

One of the rants heard from Trump has been his insistence that “only he” can bring jobs back to our nation and stop companies from outsourcing around the world. To call Trump a hypocrite would be mild considering his penchant for buying Trump branded trash from overseas. Of course he did vow to, “not eat Oreo cookies” because Nabisco moved its factory to Mexico. But what about his line of useless garbage that is manufactured in more than 12 countries.

Without even a modicum of shame, Trump admitted to outsourcing American jobs and when asked how he, “will run the country differently from how you run your businesses,” emphasizing his outsourcing of American jobs, Trump replied, “Because nobody knows the system better than me. … I’m a businessman. These are laws. These are regulations. These are rules. We’re allowed to do it.” Being “allowed” to do something is not the same as doing what is best for the United States. Trump also encouraged fools who enrolled in his discredited “Trump University” to outsource, claiming, “Outsourcing Creates Jobs in the Long Run,” and that sending work outside your company or country, “is not always a terrible thing.” Of course it is not a good thing for your nation, but we all know Trump has no respect for the United States and only does things that improve his bottom line.

It was not easy to track down the number of Trump-branded trash that is manufactured overseas, but a partial list includes the following:

The “Donald J Trump Collection” of ties, suits, dress shirts, eyeglasses and accessories run the gamut of foreign manufactures. “Trump” shirts are made in China, India, Bangladesh, Honduras, South Korea and Vietnam. Trump suits carry the labels “made in Indonesia” or “made in Mexico.” “Trump” eyeglasses are made in China along with the men’s accessories carrying the Trump brand.

“Trump Home” sells a wide range of items that include chandeliers (just the thing for a Trump supporter’s trailer), mirrors, table lamps, cabinets, sofas, barstools, cocktail tables to name just a few. Many of the “Trump Home” items are manufactured in Turkey, Germany, China, India and Slovenia.

Trump Hotels feature hundreds of items manufactured overseas, including pens from China and Taiwan imported through South Korea. Shampoos, body wash, shower caps, laundry bags, show bags, pet collars and leashes, bath towels and moisturizers, all from China.

“Trump Vodka” was distilled in The Netherlands until an Israeli company took over the product line, claiming the booze was kosher for Passover. The Jerusalem Post reported some of the ingredients were not kosher, showing once again the Trump method of cheating.

In conclusion, the claim that “Trump’s products have been made in 12 other countries,” is correct. Research shows at least 12 countries where Trump products are manufactured (China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea). In addition, Trump products transited other countries through the packaging and shipping process - meaning workers in more than 12 countries contributed to getting many of Trump’s products made, packaged and delivered to the United States.

Coming to light now is the investigative report that Trump Model Management (a company owned 85% by Trump) has a long record of using young women (14 to 20) to work within the United States while on visitor visa’s – a blatant breaking of the law. Trump has personally told many of these women to lie to customs officials upon entering the United States as to their visa status and addresses where they can be found. The girls are then forced into paying Trump as much as $1600 a month for a bunk bed in a tiny apartment occupied by as many as 11 other victims.

Rachel Blais, a Canadian model who signed with Trump Model Management in 2004 said, “Honestly, they are the most crooked agency I’ve ever worked for,” while being forced to work without proper visa paperwork. Another woman, identified as “Kate,” said the agency never obtained a work visa for her even though she worked for them as a model in the U.S. Kate stated “He doesn’t like the face of a Mexican or a Muslim. But because these models are beautiful girls, it’s OK? He’s such a hypocrite.”

Foreign visitors are prohibited from working in the U.S. unless they have one of a handful of types of work visas, which are obtained by the employer. It is also illegal for foreign visitors to work in the U.S. while in the country on a tourist visa.

There are a lot of truly smarmy things associated with Donald Trump from his connections to the state bank of Communist China, where he owes massive amounts of money, to his treatment of workers, use of illegals in the building of Trump Tower, to his numerous bankruptcies and lawsuits for cheating small business owners, to the ever present question – Why won’t Trump release his tax returns? What is he hiding?

We all know there is no chance Trump will be elected president of the United States and once he loses we can only hope he will leave the country. What is truly sad are the number of people who support this master con artist and actually believe he could build The Wall – totally impossible and if attempted would cost trillions of dollars with no tangible results; deport more than 11 million people – how that would be accomplished has yet to be explained; shut off all drugs coming into the county – another impossible task that if attempted would cost as much as the failed Wall; and deny access to our nation based on a person’s religious beliefs. The man is charlatan and why people keep backing him will remain one of the great mysteries of life, but will provide historians with the most amazing list of stupid comments and actions ever seen in a political contest.


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