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Sun, March 24

Letter: Attention All Veterans

It’s really sad the way you are treated when it comes to your health. Here is a thought for you good heroes to think on.

Why not have a protest march? Hey, after all, if they allow the hate groups, why not let you vets do it?

Here is more food for thought.

Did the politicians serve their county like J.F.K. and McCain did? I highly doubt it.

And did they have to sleep in all kinds of weather plus deal with the enemy?

Please think about that my brothers and sisters of all branches of service.

Unfortunately, I was denied to serve due to asthma. But this is my way to be of service to you.

I’m all for serving as well as standing for the red, white, and blue, but most of all, I’d be very humbly honored to speak on your behalf.

God bless you always and again, many thanks to you for serving.

I love you all dearly.

Kenny Lee Barrows


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