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Wed, April 24

Thank You: Squeaky wheel or correcting a mistake?

My recent Letter To The Editor, blistering Suddenlink’s callous billing practices apparently did not go unnoticed. (Hard to imagine why – I only sent copies to 22 other media outlet ... including Suddenlink’s Facebook page.)

In very short notice, Suddenlink contacted me. Their agent, Dawn, replied to my FB post and offered to address my “pricing issues.”

Within an hour of back-to-back posts on “Chat,” she was able to correct/modify my bill from the outrageous $140 to $109. Still high in my opinion, but now at least “affordable” again. She was able to do this because as she stated “...Gene. You had old pricing packages on your account from 2012, and we have had some pricing changes occur since then. I was able to find packaging for your services that carried current pricing ...”

So I wish to say thank you very much first to Dawn for her quick attention to this matter, and to Suddenlink for their ability to hire such top quality agents.

I am still unsure whether it was the “squeaky wheel” or an honest correction, but for now I prefer to assume it was the latter, so I can keep my opinion that for the most part, people, (and companies), are, at the core, willing to do the right thing. My advise to others in a similar situation is don’t be afraid to speak up – you just might be pleasantly surprised, (as I was).

As for me, I will enjoy my very delicious victory, but it will be served with a nice side dish of crow.

Gene Harvey


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