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Wed, April 24

Letter: Minimum wage is a challenge, but business has to make it work

This is regarding the minimum wage and the complaints business owners have regarding it.

As a business manager of a small to medium business ($20 million annually), I completely understand the challenge. However, this is what owning a business is about, making a business work.

Whether your workmen’s comp is going up, your liability is going up, or your payroll is going up, managing your business is a “continuous” process of finding ways to do things that are faster, better and cheaper.

If you need five employees to run your business, you can’t lay one off because the minimum wage went up 50 cents.

If you need five employees, you need them. If you need 100 employees, you need them. If you don’t need them, you were not managing properly in the first place.

If you do need them and you cut one, close the doors and get it over with quickly instead of fighting the long battle of providing substandard products or substandard service to your customers before you go bankrupt.

Robert Green


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