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Fri, May 24

Letter: Get a grip on the dust

Per the morning newspaper and my mother-in-law who lives in our home on East Stampede Road in Long Mountain Ranch.

The surrounding area continues to be “polluted” by dust storms originating from the farm clearing taking place north of Route 66 from two areas in particular, one just north of the sewage treatment plant and the other north of the old nut farm on 66 just west of Valle Vista.

The clearing of the grasses and sage from these properties has exposed the topsoil to the sun and wind causing a direct correlation with the large dust storms covering the Kingman area.

Today’s (April 5) paper has a photo shot looking down Northern Avenue toward the east and showing the dust. My mother-in-law sent us shots from Long Mountain looking east showing the same.

In March, I stopped along Route 66 and took a photo clearly showing the dust coming off the farm clearing. On that day, luckily the wind was from the west. Yesterday the wind was from the east and the dust came into Kingman.

People breathed this air, and people had to clean up the dust both inside and outside their homes. This issue goes way beyond a minor disturbance.

Health issues are real, and money and labor is being spent because the farm owners are not watering the ground to prevent the massive amounts of dust.

Land use is a real issue, and I do not want to deny the owner his rights, but he needs to respect the rights of others that he is affecting. As such, he has the ability to control the dust and should be required to do so by the county. If not the county then the county should request assistance from ADEQ to resolve this serious problem.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

William W. Lanning


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