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Sun, March 24

Letter: Minimum wage works

Minimum wage is a good thing.

If we had no such laws, greed would dictate what one would get paid, and no one can convince me differently.

If there existed no minimum wage, some businesses would pay as low as humanly possible. Business is not in business for employees, but the business interest and those who own it, their shareholders in the really big ones.

We need minimum wage laws, and it ought to be based on a 40-hour week. How much is needed to live decently above the poverty level, one can argue about. You can debate the business side, but without customers no business grows.

If you’re a business that is so greedy and arrogant that you see employees like a tool, device and not a human being, you’re not of god for sure, but merely being what the Bible preaches against – that the ungodly might gain the entire world on earth, but in the end their fate is not one to be envied.

R. Hill


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