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Sun, May 26

Letter: American excellence

The alarm goes off. Time to get up, arise to the challenge of a new day.

We say good-bye to our loved ones. We head down the road ready to put our best effort forward.

Something in our soul drives us. Something tells us there is hope for the future.

Uncertain of what lies ahead, a comforting feeling falls upon us. The prospect of unlimited opportunities. Potential for success. “Morning in America!”

To our enemies at home: You are but the final product, the bitter aftermath of over 50 years of dependence on the state. You are the remains of President Johnson’s “Great Society.” The grand experiment to cure all social ills. It is the notion that we are all entitled to the rights and benefits of a free society without the hard work and sacrifice it takes to maintain it. President Kennedy said it best: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.

To our enemies abroad: We will stand our ground as a sovereign nation. You fear our republic because of the liberties our citizens possess, the right of every individual to determine their own destiny.

You fear the fact the rest of the world admires us for better or worse, and are the one constant in an ever changing world.

“American Excellence!”

Jack Goyeneche


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