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Sun, March 24

Letter: We need to enjoy our time on Earth

Here we go again …

In reply to Karen Fay’s community views on the earth being flat, or maybe it was flat, or maybe it was flat and God changed it to round, or maybe the authors of the Bible really didn’t mean flat, but kinda flat with round spots.

Spin, spin, spin, Karen. You are sounding more like a politician every day. You are going to rationalize and interpret your own version even though it says right in the Bible that the flat earth was held up on four corners by angels (Rev. 7:1).You yourself say some of the authors were corrupt and generally bad boys. So why wouldn’t they lie and make up everything they wrote in the Bible?

I think you’ve had your third strike on this topic.

The subject in your letter that really gave me a slow burn was your experience with trying to find a lost bird feeder hook. You said that you prayed to God that he find it for you, and behold, he found it for you.

Dear Karen (sigh), how many of our brave military people have prayed to that same God to keep them safe but were shot to pieces on a beach head, or were shot out of the sky and plummeted to their death, or were blown up with their ship? How many people prayed to God to save them just before they were led to the Nazi gas chambers? How many women prayed to God for help as they were being raped and then murdered?

Does your fabled God care more about a bird feeder hook than human life?

Many people like you, Karen, become religious as they get older. It’s probably because they fear death and want to know that they will continue on after they die.

Well, I have a news flash for you. There ain’t no heaven up there, just a bunch of discarded rocket parts (space junk) from numerous space flights.

Remember in the old movies whenever Heaven was mentioned, everybody would look up? That’s where heaven was supposed to be, up there in the clouds. That was then and this is now. NASA killed the Heaven myth with its many launches up and around earth. They sent men to the moon, camera loaded rockets to Mars and Saturn taking pictures the entire way.

No Heaven was reported.

Karen, when we finally do take the big dirt nap, that’s all there is. That’s our eternity. No Heaven, no Hell, just eternal sleep.

For the rest of this life, we can spend our time praying to a God that doesn’t exist to send us to a place that isn’t there, or we can get a grip on our lives, face reality and enjoy the time we have remaining.

T. Allen


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