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Tue, April 23

Letter: City recycling program is just fine the way it is

Did you know that homes with alleyways have their trash cans in the alley and four homes have to share the same bin? That during spring and fall you sometimes have to hunt for an empty can to put trash in even though they are large bins and are emptied twice a week?

We pay the same amount as citizens with their own trash can, but we have to share. Luckily, because I have some issues walking at times, I was given a smaller can to set at the end of my garage driveway.

Since it is smaller, tree limbs and bags of leaves don’t fit, so I don’t have an issue with it. Other residents are not so lucky.

A few streets down there is a family who never has room in their bin because the other families have to share it, and since they have some strong boys at home, they end up hiking down the alley.

We already have a great program in place. It is voluntary and free to use.

It is a great source of packing and moving materials that get returned back into the same recycle bins.

The day before they are emptied, they are often full.

They are being utilized and with a far cheaper fee than what the city would have to charge. We just drive by and drop it in the bins as we’re on our way to other places.

With all due respect to the Clean City Commission and the council, if you want to compete with other cities remember: This is not Lake Havasu or Bullhead. This is Kingman.

Kingman does not have to “keep up with the neighbors,” we need to take care of our own.

That does not mean finding ways to charge people for a service they are pressured into and can ill afford.

Herberta Schroeder


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