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Wed, Dec. 11

Letter: The nation has lost its anchor

James Robbins’ excellent letter pointing out our now “PC” nation fits into the Bible’s admonition that “each man did what seemed right in his own eyes” with the end result being confusion and turmoil. We simply threw out the foundation of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible we were founded on resulting in us losing the anchor to our souls and leaving our country on shifting sands.

Here are a few examples. As Mr Robbins said, sanctuary cities (elected officials breaking the law and flaunting it in our faces), homosexuality (pretending it is normal while ignoring God and Romans explaining that it is not), abortion (calling an unborn child a blob, which then allows a woman and a doctor she probably met 10 minutes before the abortion and will never see again have the right to kill that blob in spite of it having a heartbeat and strangely, resembling a human), and so many more examples.

Be advised, while Christianity has been thrown out of America, including in our public schools that were actually founded on Christianity, Islam – across America – is now being taught as a peaceful religion in public schools. Not in every one, but in many. Several schools even have the children down on prayer mats, reciting Islamic prayers. Some have them wear Islamic garb.

However, all public schools allow nothing Christian, including a child wearing a cross necklace.

Why? Again, apparently many school districts believe “in their own eyes, this is right.”

Open borders welcome everyone. After all, isn’t our greatness from being a nation of immigrants?

Actually, it isn’t. Our greatness came from Christians founding the country on God and the Bible, and when others saw that greatness, they started coming here. They didn’t make our greatness, they were partakers of it.

The Statue of Liberty faces outward to show other countries how to follow what made us great, not to beckon the entire world to come here. The poem Emma Lazarus wrote has wrongly been attributed to Lady Liberty beckoning the world to come here. Poor Emma, who was a socialist writing a poem for a contest, never even saw the Statue of Liberty. In fact, there were some who were not welcome here and those that were had to prove their own responsibility, learn English and “meld” in, not make demands of their new country.

We cannot remain the great country we once were if other non-Christian religions take over. God knows, we already have taken in more immigrants than anyone else.

A thought to ponder. There are 48 countries with over half their population Muslim. If Muslims are really unhappy in their current Muslim country, they have 47 other Muslim countries that practice their own religion to move to. Why are so many instead choosing America? And pushing Islam to be taught in our schools?

Perhaps it’s time to look back to founder Thomas Jefferson. In 1786, Jefferson was a U.S. ambassador. The Barbary states of North Africa kidnapped, held for ransom and slaughtered innocent crews of merchant ships. When Jefferson asked why, Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja replied that the Quran and the Laws of their Prophet required them to take into slavery or make war on all those who did not follow the Prophet and Quran. And, that every musselman (Muslim) killed in those battles would go to paradise. They felt they had a right to kidnap, murder and enslave anyone not following Islam, including Americans.

Jefferson studied the Quran to better understand this new enemy of the young nation. In 1801, then President Jefferson, responded to the Pasha of Tripoli, who demanded huge sums of money for safe passage of American ships through the Mediterranean, instead sent naval warships from our new U.S. Marine Corps to North Africa. Jefferson knew what the right response should be and followed up on it. That was our first war. It happened to be against Islam.

There’s a line in the Marine Corps hymn referencing “to the shores of Tripoli.” Note, it is a hymn. And the term “leathernecks” comes from Marines wearing thick leather on their necks to prevent themselves from being beheaded by Islamic terrorists.

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