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Mon, May 20

Letter: It’s cyclical

Life is a cycle and so is the business world.

Town/Appearance – Business scouts – Jobs – Population – $Dollars$ – Businesses – Town-Appearance (improves and grows).

City leaders: Your first problem is you are still living in the “build it and they’ll come” mentality. (Note: Expensive and mistimed infrastructure along Interstate 40 dreams.) This isn’t a Costner movie, nor is it your own private field of dreams – this is our town.

Dreams or visions don’t work when governing a city like ours. We’re too small to attract who you’re trying to fish hook.

You have a city that’s almost a ghost town caused by a lack of living wage jobs, shopping, decent roads and honest management.

When any or all of those needs aren’t met, people move on. Businesses and tourists don’t stop and the town dies.

Big businesses won’t consider coming in. It’s a depressed area, no jobs, and it’s a welfare/retirement city. Shopping and restaurants have no play in our problem now.

We need to focus on small manufacturing (living wage jobs) to fill every empty building in town by building small items – like hospital and medical supplies – since it’s the biggest business in town.

Businesses send out scouts that check out an areas. They don’t wait for invitations to be entertained by the local politicians.

Again, jobs in manufacturing should be in town – not at the airport. Empty buildings ‘were’ explained in the advertising as ready to move in. They want to build bigger as they learn the area.

It can be worked into an honest selling feature, instead of a sign of a town that’s dying.

A circle has no start. As facets are completed, it forms and connects. We all know the ultimate goal of the full picture with each doing his share. Money has to be placed on all facets at once to see progress come a little at a time, making it unnecessary to hire another outside group, form a committee, have another restaurant “business meeting,” or to put things off to the next meeting.

It’s your jobs. You were all hired because you convinced us you knew what needed to be done and how to do it.

Kitty Stimson


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