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Sun, Jan. 26

Letter: Evolution fails the test

In the article “Letter: Trust the Lord,” you mention how old scientists have determined the earth to be, which is 13 billion years old. That age is incorrect.

The mistake is believing the rock layers making up earth’s crust took that long to form. All the geologic record was formed by Noah’s flood, only about 4,400 years ago.

The universe appears to be expanding. There are 17 different Bible verses that state that God created the stars in closer to the earth, then moved them outward like you would a curtain that was bunched up. Since man, being created on Day 6, had to be able to observe them for determining “signs, seasons, days, and years,” God would have had to leave a trail of light coming back to us at the speed of light, which gives the appearance of an expanding universe.

The high hills or mountains before Noah’s flood were probably only a few hundred feet high. If you examine the rate the flood waters were receding in Genesis 8, they were going down about 22 1/2 feet every 2 1/2 months. They had gone down about 50 feet the first 5 months after they started receding. But then something happened.

Over the next four months the waters were completely gone and the earth was dry. What would explain that? Read Psalm 104:6-9. God spoke and He formed high mountain ranges and deep oceans. After that He makes a promise that the flood waters would never again cover the earth.

That promise is found in two places in the Bible – in Genesis 9 after Noah’s flood and in Psalm 104:9. As proof of that scientifically, all the highest mountains have marine fossils on top of them. The kind found on the bottom of the ocean.

In order to form fossils they have to be buried deeply and suddenly. There would be no fossil record without Noah’s flood. We find “billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth.” Noah’s flood is the best explanation for that.

Evolution fails the test because what we find are missing layers, reversed layers, polystrate fossils running through many layers, human artifacts in every rock strata, clear down into the supposed Pre-Cambrian. If evolution were true that is not what would be observed.

If evolution actually happened, we should be able to look all around us and observe at least thousands of life forms in all different stages of change from one distinct life form into a completely different life form. None can be observed.

Evolution fails scientific testing. Cats produce other cat kinds and dogs produce other dog kinds. That is why there are no dats or cogs running around.

If evolution actually happened in the past, we should be able to observe billions of life forms in all different stages of change from one distinct life form into a completely different life form. Those “missing links” are still missing.

Evolution fails that test also proving it did not happen in the past, either.

Evolution is a fairy tale for grownups that don’t understand real science. “Once upon a time, long ago and far away, billions of years ago.”

A lullaby and good night.

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