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Mon, March 18

Letter: It’s sad to not have anything to look forward to

In response to T. Allen’s letter, it must be a sad life to not having anything to look forward to after you die. You sound so bitter and unhappy. When you pass you’re going to find your statement is not true at all.

I’m writing this because I feel sorry for you. For instance, you’re saying there is no heaven and it is just a bunch of space junk up there. Have you ever heard there is no end to the universe? The space junk, as you call it, can only go so far.

Man has never been able to reach the end of the universe.

Where do you think the first man came from? Monkey or fish? I’d almost believe that if we all looked like a monkey or a fish, but then I’d have to believe God looked like a monkey or a fish because God tells us we were made in his image.

Do you have children? Can you not see that God created a miracle there? I planted two twigs in my yard and now they are at least 60 feet tall. I could plant them, but I couldn’t make them grow. Only God can make a tree. Have you lived all your life and not seen God in anything?

So sad. Nothing I can say will change your mind. People are killing people without any remorse, and they too, don’t believe they will have to answer to God.

All I can say is that I pray that God will open your eyes and will soften your heart and have mercy on your soul. I really mean that.

Something to think about: Is it better to wake up and find out there was no God, than to wake up and find there really was a God and it is too late?

Kathy Vickery


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