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Thu, April 25

Letter: Skeptic? Not anymore

This letter is in response to the skeptic letters about God and the Bible I have been reading. I was once a skeptic and wondered about God.

A few years ago I was working with Mohave Cable Company ( the original Mohave County cable television company), and I was driving to Bullhead City on business when thoughts of God became very strong in my mind. I said, “God, you do the driving.” Even though I was behind the wheel, I ask God to let this car go wherever He wanted it to go.

I drove past Bullhead and across Davis Dam to the Nevada side of the river, about 10 miles north of Laughlin. The road became very lonely and after a few miles, I saw a small dirt road off my right side and I felt like turning. That road became rough and after a few miles the truck stopped running.

I picked up a Bible I had in my glove compartment and walked out into the desert a few yards, sat down, and just happened to open the Bible to Luke 24 ( Jesus’ resurrection). It was a hot day in July and a warm breeze started to blow. As I read the verses, I underlined verse 5 that said: “Why seek ye the living among the dead?”

I returned to the truck and it started right up with no problems. I went on to work, and Luke 24 kept coming back into my mind, “God this is July not Easter time. Why this verse?”

Three days later on Sunday morning my thoughts were about going to find a church. It was late morning, and I quickly looked into the paper for one that started late.

I put on my boots and out the door I flew. When I arrived at the church, I could hear them singing.

As I opened the door tears started to roll down my face, and I sat down in the back row. The preacher came out of his office and said he changed his sermon this morning. It was going to be an Easter sermon and said to turn our Bibles to Luke 24.

That is when I started trembling and knew that God is a living God. He listens to those who truly humble themselves and seek Him.

Bob Browning


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