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Fri, Dec. 13

Letter: Bible reader needs science

In response to Arv Edgeworths letter on evolution failing the test: Arv, you did real well at quoting Bible verses.

Now why don’t you study and research some of what science has to offer?

What bent me out of shape was you said evolution was a fairy tale, when in reality evolution almost always deals in scientific evidence.

It hasn’t been proven that we came from the sea, which is still a theory, but it’s hard to deny that Cro-Magnon man is directly related to modern man in the evolutionary chain. The bones that have been dug up are very close to that of modern man. The facial features, like the jaw and brow, are more pronounced, and the frame is more muscular.

Through carbon testing it was found that Cro-Magnon man was running around trying to stay alive around 40,000 years ago. All of this information is based on facts, not myths like the stories in the Bible.

In your letter, you mentioned Noah’s Ark. Questions arise concerning this outlandish story.

First, considering the size of the earth with animals on all parts of the globe, it would take many decades to round up, cage and ship two of everything to the Ark. Remember, no airplanes, trains or other means of transportation, not even an old Ford F-150. What about food for these animals? Not all animals eat the same kind of food. Let’s take a common sense pause here.

The second thing that sticks in my mind is God telling Noah there was too much wickedness, and that was why he was going to flood the place. Wait a minute … all children of the entire world were wicked? All men and women trying to make a living were wicked? So your God was going to cause a flood and kill’em all? Men, women, children, and babies?

How are children and babies wicked?

T. Allen

Golden Valley

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