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Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Science vs. Evolution: A third view

Let me say I am a “fence sitter.” I have trouble with religious blind faith, especially when there is scientific fact everywhere I turn. I understand for a lot of people, Christianity is a way of life that carries them through from day to day and helps them through life’s obstacles, and that’s wonderful.

However, I guess I am a “fence sitter” with evolution as well. Yes, we have actual real tried and true dinosaur bones, and as T. Allen wrote about, Cro-Magnon man’s bones look a lot like present day humans with a few differences.

Evolution teaches us that we have all evolved from one tiny, tiny amoeba or something close to that, and that over the years we have continued to change or evolve. I’m sorry, but no one is going to ever convince me that the butterfly, the Brahma bull and I are all related. Nope, not a chance. (Hmmm, my husband says I am bullheaded sometimes.)

I choose to believe that we came from somewhere else, that this is a planet of different species from different worlds. Maybe worlds that were ending or dying, different species brought and left here to survive and create new life by someone or something much more advanced than we are.

OMG! I bet a bunch of you are rolling on the floor laughing and saying how ridiculous it sounds, and that two nuts like T. Allen and I should someday get together and share insane stories.

But, before you hang up, leave the room, or burn the paper, just think about it.

We know there are aliens (and I don’t mean from other countries) that have visited earth, we have proof of that. There are also cave drawings from thousands of years ago that show a “space man” type drawing.

Wait a minute! What did Ezekiel see? Whatever it was, it came down from the sky and had shiny metal and wheels. (I looked it up in the Bible – yes, I own one – and I also read it in T. Allen’s book – which by the way was very funny!)

So, if you look at the millions of different species here on this earth, so many of which don’t resemble each other at all, my theory makes the most sense … to me.

When I look at all the different religions (there were three that R. Hill mentioned in his article printed April 21, “Only atheists are going to be shocked at the end”), I really get confused. And they each have their own set of rules, Bibles, beliefs, the way they pray, to whom they pray, etc.

Which one do you pick? My stepmom was a devout Catholic, my dad was an atheist, my good friends are Seventh Day Adventists, I was thrown out of a Mormon church, and my son spent two years in a “religious cult” (talk about a nightmare).

Which one is real? There are too many. Yes, man wrote the Bible, and yes, man makes mistakes (and occasionally women), but I do agree with T. Allen on everyone interpreting different readings in so many different ways. The earth is flat, the earth is not flat even through the Bible tells me it is, but that’s not what they meant … on and on and on. Whew, I’m exhausted. Trying to figure out what to believe in is hard.

So, for me, it’s easier to make sense of my “alien theory.” No one can prove or disprove it, just like God or no God.

People say God talks to them, but how do I know that is not my sub-conscious talking? Some people who hear voices in their heads get locked up. My husband picks up a radio station at 3 a.m. through his fillings in his teeth, which wakes him up. What?

Everyone has their own belief, and I truly respect each and every one of you for your belief. We have a right to choose, in this God Bless, America, USA, red, white and blue, mom’s apple pie country, what we want to believe in.

As I stated before, whatever your belief is that gets you through the day and gives you hope for a wonderful life, then so be it. It’s one of the many things that makes our country so great – we’re all allowed to be different.

If you can’t find a bit of humor in your day, then go back to bed.

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