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Mon, June 17

Letter: When it comes to opioid abuse, how about we look at the overprescribing doctors?

I have been on Vicodin/Hydrocodone since the late ‘80’s due to nerve damage in my shoulder.

One night my arm went to sleep and never woke up. It broke the nerve line from my brain to my fingertips, which deflated my shoulder. The medical term is “Brachial Plexitis.”

I have never abused my medication, as anyone knows who suffers from severe pain it isn’t about getting a buzz, it is about getting relief from the pain. With all the abuse of other people, I now have to go to my doctor’s office every 30 days, and my physical condition is right on the prescription.

As you can not tell that my shoulder is deflated unless I take off my shirt, I feel this is invasion of privacy.

But my purpose for writing this letter is with all the politicians’ focus on opioid abuse, why are they only speaking of the abusers and those that need help due to addiction?

Why aren’t they doing something about the abusive doctors who are overprescribing? They have open records of which doctors are overprescribing because of the constraints they have set on this medication within the last few years.

They need to focus more on the doctors. I am sure it is due to the medication manufacturers, but our politicians are not putting the emphasis on where it needs to be in order to stop this epidemic.

Dennis Bernard


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