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Tue, March 19

Letter | Mike Betz: Focus on the needs of many

I have a suggestion for a new Mohave County slogan: "Come to Mohave County where our politicians are slightly less crooked and wasteful than those in Illinois and California."

I suppose we should be happy that the BOS only wants to raise the primary property tax rate by 27.6 percent, while they spend 20 or 30 or who knows how many million dollars by the time it's done, for a new courthouse.

Yes, the courthouse is old but it's usable and most of us hope that we don't have to be there. Our roads are crumbling and we all have to use those. Our Sheriff's department is understaffed and we all rely on them to keep us safe.

How about we scrap the new courthouse plans, raise the property tax rate by 10 percent, and take care of some problems that are much more important than a new courthouse.

Mike Betz



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