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Tue, Jan. 28

Rants & Raves: August 6, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Michael Reagan – On Republican Wienies: Couldn’t agree more. Remember - our founders intended those who went to Washington to stay a short time, then go home to their farms, etc., and not hang around until death. So go to D.C., get it done and then go home.

Trump – Why They Hate Him: Susan Brown is right. President Trump has done more in six months than Obama in the last eight years, including ISIS being destabilized. Who knew the “swamp” was really a sewer? Nevertheless, he IS draining it.

Waste not/Want not: Sludge and sludge composts don’t just contain human waste, but lead, arsenic, and other toxic persistent pollutants. Every entity connected to a sewer can pipe its hazardous waste into treatment plants.

Trump Here to Bring Change: Sally nailed it! Classic example, the enormous Chinese plant going in in Wisconsin – thousands of American jobs thanks to hard work of Trump and others, but Mueller and fake investigating where no crime exists must go. Investigate Hillary instead.

McCain’s Health Care: Yes, It is unlikely that Senator McCain will be paying any co-payments. The writer is correct that he does not relate to the common folks. He won’t even go to the Phoenix VA for any care. No surprise there, either.

Addie Burdett: Really enjoyed the story of the sweet lady turning 100. She truly is blessed and must have more to do in her lifetime. Doesn’t always matter how many years we get, it is more about what we do with them.

Irene Leverton – Female Pilot: Great story! Reminds me of my little granddaughter who loves everything to do with flying – especially soaring above the clouds.

Kelli Ward’s Judgment Flawed: Ward’s judgment might have been flawed, but McCain’s was worse when he alone drove a stake through our chances to rid ourselves of Obamacare. Gasps from the room tell the story. How could you McCain? I’m stunned, furious.

Kelli Ward: Two days after we find out about McCain, and she is already gunning for his seat? Talk about shark week. She is already circling.

Country Is Run By The Rich For The Rich: Insurance companies are blood sucking vultures. I remember being told by an economics professor that insurance was legalized racketeering. It has been said that President Kennedy was assassinated when he said he wanted to stop insurance in America

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