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Sat, Dec. 14

Guest Column | Entitlement programs are nearly impossible to get rid of

The media, the entire left-wing political establishment and three renegade Republican senators – John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins – once again demonstrated why it is virtually impossible to get rid of entitlement programs.

The debate over repealing Obamacare has been dominated by talk about those potentially uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions. Forgotten in all the turmoil were the millions of Americans whose lives were turned upside down by Obama’s quasi-socialized healthcare scheme. The entire law was built on lies.

Obama said you could keep your insurance. That was the “Lie of the Year.”

Obama said you could keep your doctor. Millions couldn’t. Obama said premiums would go down. They skyrocketed.

Countless small business owners, hanging by a thread after the Great Recession, were pushed over the edge. One reason Obama never achieved 3 percent economic growth during his presidency was because of the crushing weight of Obamacare taxes and regulations on job creators.

I know many conservatives are frustrated right now. But here’s some perspective: 49 Republican senators – 94 percent of the GOP Senate caucus – voted to begin the process of undoing Obamacare. All of the Democrats voted to preserve Obamacare, and three GOP renegades gave them the majority.

Senator McCain said that the worst thing about Obamacare was the way it was passed – “rammed through Congress . . . on a strict-party line basis.” He’s wrong. The worst thing about Obamacare is the way it hurt so many people.

McCain went on to say that Obamacare should not be repealed in the same way it was passed – on a strict-party line basis. He added that the Senate must return to “regular order.”

This is why conservatives have not been able to stop the constant drift toward bigger government. The left changes the rules to accomplish its goals, while Republicans are hung up on the process.

It is doubtful if any Republican could have won in 2008. But John McCain surrendered any chance he had when he decided it would be too divisive to make an issue out of Barack Obama’s attendance at a church led by an America-hating, bigoted pastor. That decision guaranteed Obama’s election and the senator has now guaranteed that Obama’s legacy will survive.

I will continue to pray for Senator McCain’s victory over brain cancer, but his illness does not change the reality that his vote was a major victory for the big government left.

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