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Fri, Nov. 15

Letter | Natasha Ray: How The World Looks From Behind a Teenager’s Eyes

When I look at the world today, I can’t tell the difference between the good and evil. I can’t tell the difference because I’m young and have no experience about life. I cannot tell a person for their real self.                                         

Today, many children are getting kidnapped, raped and murdered and all I can think to myself is, “Am I next? Is my family going to be  next? Are we going to be the next ones  chosen to be killed, raped or abducted?”

It feels like the universe is picking out random  innocent people to get hurt verbally or physically. I just don’t understand why? Is it fate? Or is it just the game of life? I will probably never understand why people do negative actions to the innocent.

In the last few years, bullying has gotten extreme.  Many “cool” kids attack emotionally unstable or “not up to trend” kids. Students at school don’t report the bullying  because they are afraid of getting beat up or the bullying getting worse.

What’s  even worse, some of our “trusted adults” don’t even recognize the bullying. They just say don’t worry or just ignore them, it will get better. Like that helps. It is not going to stop them. The bullies will push ‘til they cannot push anymore.

Sometimes, they will push the bullying onto social media. Giving victims a reminder that they are hated and they are not wanted. One of the famous responses are “GO DIE!” How nice!

Some bullies don’t think they are bullying. They think they are just “helping the person.” Or other times people become bullies because the person is unhappy and has to bring others down. These bullies need to stop.

But how? Who is going to change their attitudes to others? We can start at home, and, shortly after, at school.

Why don’t we put an end to bullying and be nice to each other? It’s so simple. It’s okay to not like a person, but don’t hate them for it.

We have 99 problems but bullying shouldn’t be one.

It makes me sad and mad at the same time to think about how bad this world has turned. I invite you, to whoever reads, this to make a difference!

Stand up and make the world a better place. For my generation and many more to come.

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