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Sun, July 21

Column | Let’s Unite Against Hate

The Klu Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have no place in our society.

All hate groups, whether on the right or left, black or white, North or South, do not deserve a voice in our society.

We have seen hate explode across our screens this week in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Barcelona, Spain. The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized with red spray paint.

Hate killed people this past week and attacked our common American values.

It is time for people to demand a return to civility and respect. We can disagree on every issue under the sun, but we don’t have to turn to hate. We are supposed to better than the ugliness that shaped the news this week, and it’s time we show that.

We don’t need violence to defeat hate. We need to be united, like the people who were united during the civil rights movement during the 1960s. The movement never set out to change the minds of its opponents, but it set out to unite America against racists.

Hate dialed up its game this week. Those who hate need to know it is unacceptable.

Let’s show the world that America is united by taking action. No matter how small the action, do something against hate.

Join forces against it. Get with likeminded people whether at churches, work, or clubs. Stand together against hate.

Be sure to support the victims of hate. If you don’t know who Heather Heyer is, then find out.

When you hear words of hate, or even off-color “jokes,” speak up and denounce those utterances.

Start learning what the buzz words of hate groups mean. Learn the enemy’s language.

Let’s be sure our community leaders are making statements against hate, and even taking action against it. They’re community leaders for many reasons. Let’s make them be leaders against that, too.

It’s certain in the near future the topic of hate will fall out of the news cycle. Stay engaged. It will continue to be around, especially on social media.

Most importantly in the fight against hate, let’s look deeper at ourselves. We need to make certain we aren’t encouraging it with the jokes we tell and by using hateful stereotypes that degrade everyone.

When crises hit the shores of our great country, America and Americans have always united. It’s time we do that again against the evils of hate.

It’s time we press forward through this dark cloud and live in a society of our choosing.

Let’s not choose hate.


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