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Sat, Sept. 21

When times were simpler

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It's eleven at night, I'm watching “Sons of Anarchy,” a new favorite show I began watching on Netflix yesterday, and I'm still not tired enough to sleep. (As I yawn)

Earlier today I was thinking about how things were back when I was in school, how my friends and I would communicate and keep each other up to date on who liked who, who was dating who, what the latest fashion craze was, etc. And I started to miss how we did things back then. We wrote notes in class, secretly passing them around the classroom when the teacher wasn't looking, asking about boys or making fun of a classmate. Some of my friends in elementary school learned the alphabet in sign language just so we could "talk" to each other while we did our work. We got so good at it, we could do it behind our backs to those that sat behind us. (Laughing)

If a boy liked us, or we liked a boy, notes were slipped through the slots in lockers between classes in middle school. And we nervously waited until our next class was over to see if said person responded with a note in our lockers. If we weren't passing notes, we were gossiping about who we liked and didn't like. And, of course, we did the whole "ask so and so if he/she likes me" thing, then waited until our friend came back from asking them in hopes they said yes.

We didn't have cellphones, texting, Facebook, email, or even MySpace, (when it was popular). Back then, we used our actual words, actual pen and paper to say how we were feeling, who we liked and didn't like, or better yet, we used a regular telephone at our homes to call each other, with our parent's permission, of course.

It seems anymore that just about every person on the planet has a cellphone, Facebook, email, etc., and they rarely actually talk to anyone. We, yes, this does include me, have allowed technology to change how we communicate with others. Instead of calling people to tell them something that has happened in our lives, we post it on Facebook for everyone, including those it doesn't pertain to, to read. Aside from wedding invitations, we set up an "event" and invite people to birthday parties. We send emails instead of mailing actual letters, and we send a text instead of making a phone call.

I understand technology makes things easier and faster, and will only continue to get better, but sometimes I miss those days of letters in the mailbox, phone calls on a landline and going to someone's home to have a good chat. I embrace technology, I actually love it, but I will always miss the simpler times.

Don't ever forget about the simpler times. You know, the good ol' days.

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