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Sun, Dec. 08

Are you too busy to prepare meals on a daily basis?

Hi this is Eunice from the Diet Center.

According to a survey, nine out of ten people eat meals on the go. About 60 percent eat on the go daily, and 26 percent eat on the go two or three times a day. Many people reported that they fail to think about eating healthy while on the go. Traveling, dining out, and eating at the workplace are examples of when people ate without considering nutrition. People surveyed also indicated they fail to keep health and wellness in mind when they crave sweets or feel stressed.

I’ll give you 5,000 reasons to stop this. There are over 5,000 members of the National Weight Loss Registry that have successfully lost an average of 66 pounds and kept it off for an average of 5 1/2 years. Most of the successful dieters practice the same eating behaviors over weekends as well as during the week. Researcher shows that people who are consistent with their eating habits are more likely to maintain their weight loss.

Practice good eating behaviors everyday. Focus on sticking to Diet Center guidelines, portion sizing, and preparing healthy balanced meals all week. Avoid being strict during the week, then slacking on weekends. This can lead to slacking more often, until you fall off your program and gain weight.

It’s important to eat and fuel your body, especially if you’re a busy person. However, eating nutritious, balanced meals is essential to staying on track with your weight loss. That’s why it is important to be prepared and plan meals. Have fresh pre-washed salads or pre-cut vegetables available. Fresh fruit, low-fat cheese sticks, yogurt and nuts are healthy items to keep on hand.

Studies show the importance of consuming a variety of healthy foods. However, Americans routinely select the same foods. For example, half of American fruit consumption consists of bananas, apples, watermelon, grapes, orange and apple juice. Half of American vegetable consumption consists of head-lettuce and potatoes (which count as a bread/starch on an exchange based program). This means many people are missing out on many other nutrient-rich choices. For example, blueberries are high in vitamin K, fiber from prunes and antioxidants from strawberries. Carrots are high in vitamin A, romaine lettuce vitamin A and C, spinach and tomatoes are high in lutein (good for protecting vision). The point is that consuming a diverse selection of foods helps you consume a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.

Keep in mind that healthy foods have calories, too. So stick to the portion sizes and number of exchanges that your program allows. Including more variety in your diet means including more nutrients that will keep your body healthy and working efficiently so you can lose weight.

Thank you for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week. If you’ve been struggling with your weight please call me today at 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave in Kingman.

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