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Tue, May 21

Community View | B. Kitty Stimson: Why Aren’t There Applications for Politicians?

We’ve all filled out applications that introduces us to employers. Additionally, we’re asked for our driver’s license and Social Security card which are copied for the files. From these papers of proof, they can do background checks, schools and educational checks, and citizenship.

The application also shows past employment, (covering 10 years), skills/talents, and outside-of-work affiliations. The application is proof we can read and write. The driver’s license (illegal to ask on the app) also tells them our age, weight, height and gender. Depending on the job, some ask additionally for a proof of birth, and other official documents into our personal and private business. The application will ask why we’d be good at the job and what experience we’ve had in the field, without further training. Most previous experience, even housewife, shows you can figure and stick to a budget, pay bills on time and manage an organization.

My question is: Why don’t we have all our politicians, all those who are being hired to govern over us, at every level fill out an application? Instead we allow them to ‘announce their intention’ to run.

The main question: “What have you done to qualify you for the job?” Instead, we say, “Job opening, who wants it and how much money do you have?” Money? How much do you have to bribe and/or influence? Money to put election blight on our street corners and roadways?

We have to make it a law. They must fill out deep intensive applications, with all necessary documentation before they can announce. And all that must be completed and filed by a certain deadline date. Which will be coordinated with the public documents and included in the election booklets to help us know who we’re voting for!

How many times have you voted and said, “Who is he/she?” So, we figure whoever is better than who we’ve got now, and “Vote for the other one.” No wonder America is where it is today! When did we start judging people by how much money they have to spend in order to win?


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