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Rants & Raves | December 3, 2017

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Great-grandchildren of slaves: The reason we are no longer the leader of the free world is Obama spent eight years apologizing and abandoning that position. Capitalism hasn’t failed us, but as history has shown us, Socialism will.

Whether Sen. Al Franken should resign or not: Another lefty writes an article. Of course he should resign, time to clean out the swamp of all dishonorable, no integrity, no morality, snakes – in my honest opinion.

Sheriff Joe: Arpaio is the one and only one who was working for the people, protecting us from people who are breaking multiple laws The ACLU is backed by traitors who just want publicity. They set Arpaio up and got their way.

Editor: We Can’t Let Fear: Well Shawn, your jalopy just blew a tire. Unless the city retrofits every bathroom stall with a $1 pay box, their pie-in-the-sky high-hopes and pipe-dreams are just so much smoke up the old backside. Keep pushing your flat-tire jalopy, dude.

Art for $10,000: Art in Kingman, wow. That money could have been used for a lot better things to help the people of Kingman. What about the kids or the senior people? Oh, excuse me for saying it.

City manager: City manager, why do we have a mayor? That is a lot of money and for what? What is their job description? $25,000 to hire a company to hire one. City Council is worthless.

We can’t let fear paralyze us from moving into the future: I’m jumping in the jalopy and shopping in Mohave Valley.

Opioids overprescribed: If it is not bad enough that these local doctors are ordering “opiates all around,” wait until they see the numbers that are paid for by Medicaid. It will be staggering. No one is watching the hen house, folks.

Stop feeding the pigeons: Pigeons carry and cause diseases. For those who’ve contributed to dozens of loaves of bread tossed out behind the 99 cents store – educate yourself about those flying vermin. Just stop.

Meeting the man behind the chuckwalla statue: Perhaps in lieu of a chuckwalla sculpture, the city could spend the $10,000 on fixing one of our horrible roads and then name the said road Chuckwalla. Just saying.

Black Friday and city tax: Black friday was awesome. We shopped in Las Vegas so we wouldn’t have to pay high sales tax to a city like Kingman. It was worth the trip since we spent over thousands on goods in Nevada in one day.

Henry Mahan – Rest in Peace: I remember Henry Mahan from school; always known by everyone as one of the nicest guys around. Always smiling, polite, a gentleman. Now reunited with his God and wife in heaven. RIP Henry, after a life well lived.

Opioids and Mohave County: How is Mohave County going to address this problem? Doctors need more information before they prescribe medications that aren’t necessary. Another question: Do drug companies give kickbacks? I see a lot of the drug representatives visiting doctor’s offices promoting their products.

New Bible Museum: Is this the Bible Museum built by Steve Green of Hobby Lobby – the guy who paid a $3 million fine for smuggling artifacts pillaged from Iraq, quite possibly by ISIS? Museum requests a $15 donation – maybe to help pay the fine? Shame, shame, shame.

Community alert: The ladies who were attacked should have reported it to the police. They should think of others, too. They might save someone by reporting the attack with a description of the wierdos.

Health care: Here comes the first wave of no health care for children and adults. It’s just beginning, But oh, Obamacare sucks. It comes to 427,000 just for Arizona alone. Go Republicans.

Mohave Wash Walkway: Clean the shubbery away from the walk, and they won’t have any place to hide behind. Then carry a gun.

Stylists: I worked damn hard for my hair license, and I don’t think they should let somebody that doesn’t have a license take my job away from me or anyone else that went to school and worked hard for theirs.

Lobbyists urge state lawmaker to look at repealing law that says ‘you can’t style hair without 1,100 hours of training and a license’: There is a lot more to hair styling than style. Anyone touching your body should absolutely be trained. It is not just a superficial operation but can affect ones health, allergies, lice, skin infections, and other diseases can spread.

Never Trump: You are kidding, right? Trump is unfit to be president: He repeatedly lies, denigrates Latinos, Muslims, Native Americans, women, members of Congress, foreign leaders and others. Trump continues to show he lacks the requisite skills to effectively run this country.

Never Trump: Trump continues to divide this great country with his ongoing racist remarks, his repeated insults to women and people of color, and his repeated lying to the American people. One can only wonder regarding the depths of Trump’s sick personality.

Petition against the increased city sales tax: Businesses should do something resourceful like offer to pay the tax for the customer. Or, lower your product price to effectively lower the amount of the tax. Then you get to stick it to the Kingman council.

Making Mole Hills Out of Mountain: Thank you for this column, which I am sure may not go over too well in our community. Too few people sit their sons down and have “rape/harassment” discussions. I believe that is one of the keys to creating change.

The 22nd Very Merry Parade of Lights kicks off the Christmas season Saturday: Hubble (Ray Smith), This was a greatly informative article. Thank you for all of your diligent work this year. Merry Christmas!


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