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Tue, July 23

Community View | The war against America, Americans and American values

I see the evening news and follow news reports on the internet, and I wonder at the glaringly apparent drive by the political and financial left to destroy America.

I wonder why nothing more is being done to combat the vicious thuggery and transparent propaganda that emanates from the left side of the reality curtain.

I see the black clad punks wearing black hoodies and masks, breaking, burning and looting, and I wonder why they are being allowed to continue. I am not a practitioner of law, but I do know there are numerous laws against what they are doing. Why are they not rounded up and jailed?

It is very clear that they are not acting spontaneously. They are organized, they are trained, they are directed and they are paid. This anarchic behavior is carefully scripted and carefully timed. That they are allowed to run unfettered in their destructive performances with zero effective opposition is outrageous.

If the law enforcement agencies at those demonstrations of contempt and hatred have had their hands tied, the question arises, are the same entities who are directing the hoodlums also the ones preventing the police from doing their jobs? What has become of the obligation placed on all law enforcement agencies to protect the taxpaying citizen and that citizen’s property?

Then, couple all that with what is obviously a war on cops. Those men and women in blue are doing a tough enough job without having to go into what has become a live-fire combat zone. Add to that, the constant barrage of hideous accusations against every cop who has to engage in any sort of physical contact with the low-life scum they have to face every day on the street. Where is the outrage and fury on the part of John Q. Public? Why are there no earth shattering howls of agony every time a cop is shot?

If we are to believe what we are spoon fed by the television news talking heads, each one of those attacks is an unfortunate incident but totally unrelated to any other issue.

What is really being done to us is a war. This war is being soft pedaled by those who disseminate what is sold as news. War has been declared on America and legitimate American citizens. The left is successfully destroying America, one incident at a time, one riot at a time, and one false accusation at a time.

While all that is going on there are the sniveling millennial drones who firmly believe that they have the right to anything they want simply because they want it. They hold in utter contempt all the taxpaying citizens and property owners and business owners. They appear proud to have become the “gimme” generation. I hear their screams of rage and I see their silly demands on misspelled signs. Will someone please answer my simple question, what has any of these individuals or any group of them done in any meaningful or productive way to better themselves or to contribute to their fellow man? What worth have they to offer to the world? Has any one of them actually held a job and paid taxes? Have any of them done anything to help anyone but themselves? They have lots of time to demonstrate and demand, but has any one of them actually done anything real?

We are seeing and hearing innumerable attacks on the legitimacy of the Office of the President. So far as I have been able to determine all of that is spurious and totally unproven, but each accusation and charge is given massive coverage by the electronic media (a friend refers to them as the Lamestream media). This war of blather and innuendo and lies against our president and his family would never, in past administrations, have been even briefly tolerated.

Yet, the war against America and Americans and American values goes on unabated and unchallenged. One of the enabling factors in much of these troubles is social media. This is another medium that could have and should have been a boon to human decency, brotherhood and unity. Instead, it has become a sewer of accusatory filth and gossip. The ability of slimy cretins and cowards to hide behind the electronic anonymity offered by the social media is appalling. To think that some venomous toad can make any accusation against anyone and have uncountable others of the same ilk pick it up and run with it is totally disgusting. Still, it is being done to innocent people all the time, with no penalty paid by the perpetrators.

People are being bullied and hounded to the point that some of the victims feel so helpless, they commit suicide. Here exists another wonder of modern technology twisted and perverted beyond any redeeming worth. This is just one more facet of the very real war on America.

Then to raise my ire even more, is the issue of uncontrolled invasion by anyone who wishes to come to America. It is called immigration, but it is truly an invasion and it is not just across our southern border. It comes from all sides.

People come here on temporary visas or as tourists and simply don’t leave. They stay and take advantage of the many, many benefits a person can claim as undocumented immigrants. Many of them come here from areas of the world where hatred of America and Americans has become the religion.

Again, this is just another part of the war on America.

Now, before anyone is tempted to accuse me of racism, put aside the thought. I am tri-racial. That is, one-third American Indian, one-third Mexican, and one-third European mutt. My disgust and anger at what is being foisted on America is because I am American by birth, a patriot by inclination, and a conservative by lifelong persuasion.

Stand up Americans. Defend what you are in great danger of losing.


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