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Wed, April 24

Letter | Re: Leaving the democratic party

In response to the letter writer who says we democrats need to listen to him about what the democratic party has done to this nation: Amusing.

His party elects a man with 16 female accusers of sexual assault, one who was 12 at time of the event, he threatened to sue much like the Republican Roy Moore is now with his multiple accusers.Trump is also accused of working with our mortal enemies the Russians.

If this is what the GOP has done, I want no part of it. I am a life long democrat, though I did once vote for Nixon. In a tent while in U.S. Marines, out of youthful ignorance, the major who brought us our absentee voter cards told us he was not telling us who to vote for but reminded us all our commander in chief was Nixon. I voted Republican, and after Watergate swore never again.

No you can keep Trump and Roy Moore. They are not fooling me. Those who are waiting on Mexico to pay for that great Trump Wall likely bought them $30,000 fake Trump University degrees, too.

Ralph Hill



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