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Rants & Raves | December 10, 2017

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Petition to lower TPT

These guys are so right. We just bought a 2017 super duty truck and went to Vegas to buy because the tax is lower there, also we spent $11,000 on goods on Black Friday in Vegas. Gates needs to go.

Very Merry Parade of Lights

This was a greatly informative article. Thank you for all of your diligent work this year. Merry Christmas!

Editorial cartoon Dec. 3

Trickle Down has been tried twice before, Now number three will fail like the rest.

Editorial cartoon Dec. 3

Congressional Republicans love tax cuts for the wealthy and benefit cuts for the middle class and the poor. They should be ashamed of themselves but I guess they know which side of their bread is buttered.

“More Good”

I too am a believer that no matter how gloomy things appear to be, there are still many good people in the world. We need to be reminded of that often. Hopefully, this is how.

“A Christmas Wish comes true”

What a wonderful “feel good” story. We need more of these. Not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

All-City football team

Concerning the Sunday newspaper chart for “Kingman All City” football team selections. I see that the Academy was given 13 positions, Lee Williams H.S. was given 9 positions and Kingman High received 3. What was the criteria based on?

Scouts replace flags on Chloride veterans graves

Bravo scouts! What a very honorable thing to do. Don’t ever think this is insignificant. It isn’t as any veteran or caring American will tell you. Now, if some businesses along Stockton Hill Road would just do the same.

Social Security increase still means budgeting

Quit whining about the small increase in Social Security! You voted for Trump and the GOP who if their tax plan goes through, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare will be on the chopping block.

Atkinson’s Circus animals

Letter on circus animals was difficult to read, but needed to be shared. The barbarians who still think this is a practice of kindness, need to wake up. It was never about anything but money. As usual.

Jail assault turns fatal

No one should be assaulted while in custody. To be killed in jail is unacceptable to say the least. Being held on a probation violation just adds to the depth of this senseless act. We must blame those in charge.

“No means no”

Don’t wait 40 years to complain about it.

Atkinson’s Circus animals

It looks like Mr. Swartz’s animal-advocate witnesses need to be present at all animal/elephant training sessions as well. Then, stubborn animals, and not legislators, will shut down the circuses! Then everyone will be able to say: “The animals have spoken.”

Gov. Ducey says computer science is “our future”

Governor Ducey says computer science is “our future.” What a genius. I’m from Wisconsin and built my first PC in 1983. The tech school I graduated from in 1980 was teaching computer science in the ‘70s.

Letter: It seems City Council doesn’t want any progress in this city

I corrected a few lines. To wit:

People are (unfortunately) mostly retired. They can’t (even) pay taxes and health care.

(We should be) spending on projects like the Chuckwalla (to attract a wealthier populace which have a taste for art.)

Hommel: War against America

Mr. Hommel’s letter’s tone and content exemplify what is adding to the division in our society. Perhaps that is just the “European mutt” you mentioned raising its racist head?

Remember – except for Native Americans, we all come from immigrants.

Letter: No growth town

Should have called me. Seventeen years nothing changes. Thank small town folk and good ole boys for that. Read the obituaries. Every one is from a small Midwest nowhere town. These people have a stranglehold on Kingman and won’t let go.

Madoff and friends

Donald Trump is a disgrace to this country. I don’t care what your political affiliation is. Who would ever want this man as a friend or a business partner. This guy is completely out for himself at everyone’s expense.

County “hot jobs” get raise

Why is it the county keep comparing salaries of our local job force to California or Las Vegas?

People in those areas also pay $500k for a home and $2,000 per month for an apartment and have an education.

The war against America

Are you trying to be the Fox News/Hannity/Fox and Friends Republican party outlet where no calumny is too extreme to cast and hatred drips from the pen like the blood that flowed from Edgar Allen. Poe’s?

Who is Julie Gragg?

Glad to see someone has finally recognized this tireless and exceptional person and teacher.


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