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Mon, April 22

Letter | The City’s priorities

Our Mayor and City Council members need to learn the definition of the word priority.

Repairing our streets and paving our dirt roads (in the heart of the city) are a priority. Funding

our police and fire department are priorities. Paying $10,000 for a concrete lizard is insanity not a priority. Paying $260,000 isn't insanity it is criminal!

Who decided that the tourist would come to Kingman because we have a beautiful arch?

They come to Kingman only because we are part of Route 66. Clean up Route 66, beautify downtown, and pave the darn streets and you would get more tourists.

I hate to harp on this, but, I feel I must. Building a mall will be a disaster. Malls are closing all over the country and now is when our City Comedians decide to build a mall. Hey guys, you are 20 years too late. You would do much better to fill all our large empty stores Try to woo Target and Cosco. Offer incentives (hope you know what they are). Work with JC Penney to enlarge their store here instead of closing it, fix up downtown like Prescott and Grand Junction, Colorado did.

Instead of any sane and realistic ideas, our City Comedians prefer to throw our money down the crapper.

Sandee Samoska



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