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Tue, Oct. 15

Celebrate Christmas by praying for the hurting children

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With Thanksgiving and full bellies behind us, we are getting ready for Christmas. It’s another holiday where families gather for food, visits, festivities, and we can't forget the gifts.

When I was young, my family would gather at my grandparent's home on Christmas Eve, which was decorated to the nines with lights, holiday figures, wall hangings, tinsel, garland, and of course, a big tree adorned with its own lights, decorations and garland. There were so many presents under the tree for every single family member, and I have a large family.

My grandparents went all out for all of us. We'd eat a big dinner, have dessert, then sit all around the Christmas tree in their living room while my aunt handed out each of the gifts. It was always such a great, happy time for my family. We'd go home with excitement of waking up Christmas morning to more presents. Being a kid in my family was always fun. Especially being a grandchild. (LOL)

I remember watching my parents build a large dollhouse. My mom told me it was for her dolls she collected, and I woke up Christmas morning to find this amazing, and large, three-story house with furniture, carpet, tile, pictures on the walls, and windows with curtains. You name it, this dollhouse had it. And it was for my Barbie's. It was the coolest, best dollhouse any young girl would want.

My parents always did the best for my brother and me when it came to gifts we asked for. They gave us so much love, too. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, I had a great childhood.

I've always tried my best with my two daughters, just as my mom and dad did for me and my brother. Not only with presents, either, with love and care, too.

I see so many children here in Kingman now that have parents are so wrapped up in their own lives, so the children do not receive the love, care and attention like I was given. I can't and won't ever understand why some parents choose whatever life they choose over their child.

I'm a grandmother now, and this Christmas will be so much fun with my grandson. He's at that perfect age (almost 2) where he gets excited, and it will be a blast to watch him unwrap gifts this year. I can't wait to see his face light up, and give him all the attention and love he deserves. He loves Christmas lights, so I will be taking him to see the Preston's beautiful display this year. He's going to love it. I took my girls to see it when they were younger, and every year Mr. and Mrs. Preston make it more wonderful than the year before. I can't wait!

So this holiday season, while you are out there buying gifts for your children and family, taking your children or grandchildren to see the Christmas light displays around Kingman, and having dinner with your families, I hope you stop and think about those that do not have what you have.

Those children who are not in a good situation as you and your family are and need a prayer said for them. Pray they will grow up and not do as their parents have done to them. Pray that they succeed in life, have a family of their own, and take care of and love them as they should. Pray for their parents as well.

Happy Holidays to you all!

God Bless.

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