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Rants & Raves | December 17, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

John Dougherty: I’d like to send a Christmas card to you and your wife, true friends of Kingman and, obviously, of a higher caliber than the bunch we suffer as mayor and City Council. Future blessings, John. Kingman doesn’t deserve you.

Mayor Gates: Day one in office, 2005, Monica Gates fires city manager Roger Swenson. It’s probably an ethics presence that she doesn’t want them watching during “her” council meetings. Solution? Simple. Fire them. The public? Ignore, disallow comments, or cut them off midway.

Mr. Gosar’s sincere belief that “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.”: Well, of course. Most of society agrees with you, or the police wouldn’t be allowed to carry guns.

Desert dump reward: Net net ...Why we don’t trust government.

Chuckwalla lizard: I doubt if anyone is questioning the hours or labor involved in this project, it’s just a ridiculous outlay of taxpayer dollars. Our “transaction privilege” tax increased far above surrounding cities, including cities in California, and our City Council uses the funds for what, a metal lizard? That expenditure can’t be justified. The running hare is bad enough. There are much more important and urgent needs for city money. Do the right thing, bring our sales tax back to an acceptable level and make needed repairs and updates to our city. Taking more from the taxpayer is never enough when the funds are squandered, but taking less can be better when used the right way.

Hot Jobs: Hot jobs, my foot. I’ve seen an auction vehicle that needs to be jumped repeatedly rather than switch a battery out of a wrecked vehicle right next to it. Lazy? And costing the county money?

KAA lawsuit: Travis Lingenfelter deserves “real heartburn” over using public funds to contest the city-Kingman Airport Authority lawsuit. Maybe he should reflect on the fact that he forced the KAA into the position of having to defend the valid KAA lease with the city.

Flying J expansion: Now they want to stop the true income business of Kingman: truck stops. Flying J wants to grow and the city says no. Makes perfect sense since we are a truck stop town and spending money we don’t have for exits.

Who is Julie Gragg: I have had the privilege of knowing Julie since she came to Kingman. Julie has been nothing but a blessing to our community. The positive impact she has had on our students lives is immeasurable. Thank you Julie.

Mohave County Sheriff looking for progress: I made more than $19.50 an hour working in an office and had benefits. What a shame that the officers are paid so little for putting their lives on the line. I would go elsewhere after gaining enough experience, too.

Elf on the shelf: Loved the story about the elf on the shelf. Your brand of humor is right up my alley. More like this please.

Trump bashing rant: About half of U.S. voters are Republicans and about half are not. We put up with Obama bashing, you all can put up with Trump bashing. Glad the local paper allows free speech and differing opinions. Consider WWJD.

Franks’ $5 million for a surrogate: OMG ... I should run for Congress. I didn’t know they could make so much money ... $5 million!

Editorial Cartoon – Mueller Looking for the Naughty and Nice: Mueller need only look in his own mirror, to lying buddy Comey and the group of far leftwing Trump-hating Hillary donors he hired for the “naughty.” Add Obama’s daily “stalking” Trump’s words, and the whole group are a national embarrassment.

More Trump bashing: It’s a free country with free speech. I cannot stand Mr. Trump. He is a disgrace to this country and I will gladly print my name. It is Lorri Jackson.

Sheriff Arpaio: Save your money! Kelli Ward has worked her butt off to get that seat and she deserves it ... If you really want to do something, go after that RINO McCain’s seat.

Trent Franks resigning in “disgrace?” What “disgrace?” If Frank’s wife is the biological mother as before, then this woman has just received the highest possible complement she could ever receive from a married man. And she is crying “harassment?” What is wrong with you people?

Opioids: Controlling America’s pill epidemic. We need to better control of psychiatric drug prescriptions. Current data indicate that psych drugs do more harm than good. Example: Ritalin(synthetic cocaine) is responsible for addiction and problems in adults once administered to kids.

Banning “To Kill a Mockingbird” I don’t like word or book banning. There’s some dicey stuff out there, but even among these books and speeches are kernels of truth we need to hear. Minus that, history proves outrageous schemers and incompetents can make and write our history.

New manager for fairgounds: Bravo. Sounds like a fantastic business plan, Mr. Woods. The fairgrounds needs to be used for more than carnivals and auctions. My granddaughter is in FFA at high school. She would love the junior rodeos. And, yes, about the stall repairs.

City Council: These council members are volunteers. I didn’t know there were qualifications to be one. No one is going to want to be our city manager regardless how much you pay them. This city is in such a mess with leadership.

Group pulls recall papers for six council members: Rather than attempt your coup, why not rally around a candidate of your choice at the next scheduled election. Kingman residents have for far too long embarrassed our city by their recall attempts with each newly impaneled Council.

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