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Tue, March 19

Community View | Fill your heart this holiday season with calls to friends and family

I am a former Kingman resident and this is a departure from guns and politics.

I was absent a good part of this week on social media because I was sicker than a plate of hot garbage. I’m on the mend now and have been thinking heavily about friendships.

Old ones, new ones, and lost ones. Maybe it’s the holidays and due in part to seeing an old friend today, or maybe it’s knowing that two people I adore are mourning the loss of one of their dear friends.

Whatever the reason, it got me thinking. We are only allotted a limited number of days to wander this earth. The people we are fortunate enough to meet and share time with is immeasurable. The questions I find myself pondering tonight are these:

As a friend, do I do enough? Do I love enough? Do I give enough? Am I simply a good enough friend?

When I think back over my life so far, I know there have been times when I probably wasn’t. When I was selfish, or arrogant, or put my nose where it didn’t belong thinking it was doing the “right” thing.

I’d venture to say we’ve all been there, but at this stage in my life, this phase where the loss of people becomes more frequent, I find myself striving to be better. To offer all I can in the most heartfelt and honest of ways. To be more focused on what it truly means to have people in our lives who matter. To love without judgements or self-serving rewards.

So to those of you who are still very much present in my life but may be separated by geography, thank you. I appreciate you more than you may know.

To those who have departed this earthly life, I feel you with me as strongly as when you walked with me in life and I miss you.

To those who may fall into other miscellaneous categories of separation, I cherish you as well. I miss funny conversations and lighthearted moments of girl talk. I miss having you in my life no matter how difficult strong minds might make it seem.

It’s my hope that all of you, my adored and treasured friends will always feel the love of Val in your heart.

Take a moment, call a friend, and just tell them that they matter. My heart is full this chilly evening, and I hope yours is too.


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