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Fri, May 24

Letter | That’s not a compliment, that’s harassment

Re: Trent Franks resigning in “disgrace?” What “disgrace?” If Frank’s wife is the biological mother as before, then this woman has just received the highest possible compliment she could ever receive from a married man. And she is crying “harassment?” What is wrong with you people?

What rock have you been living under?

  1. Surrogacy is a huge thing to ask of anyone, and the husband doesn’t choose an employee and approach her. An attorney should be the one to reach out to the employee, and the wife should have met the employee before any offer of any kind was made.

  2. Some parents who hire a surrogate are unable to supply the eggs and sperm required to make a baby so they are not always the child’s biological parents. One or both of them may be able, but not always.

  3. His asking her made her uncomfortable yet he kept asking her. That is harassment.

  4. He skipped over her for job assignments after she turned him down, that is also harassment.

  5. Since none of the usual formalities were followed, then his asking was nothing more than a badly veiled attempt to have sex with her. In case you don’t know it, that is also harassment.

  6. This was not in anyway a “compliment.”

It was harassment.

What is wrong with you?

Sue Kracker



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