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5:44 AM Fri, Feb. 22nd

Letter | If we’re on the same page, what’s with KAA vs. the city


In regard to the ongoing Kingman Airport Authority saga, I, along with many other concerned Kingman citizens, am confused.

If we all are pulling in the same direction to help our fair city to grow and become more vibrant, why the intense infighting about improving our airport. I can only think of a few logical reasons for the current KAA staff to be so resistant to change:

  1. Pride.

  2. Possible accounting irregularities.

  3. Income or assets not used as mandated in legal agreements.

  4. Personal agendas.

This entire scenario is a tremendous waste of time and money. Most would agree that there are numerous areas in Kingman where our money would be much better spent.

If improving our city and airport is truly important, we need forward-thinking people with a little common sense. It seems readily apparent that current KAA leadership does not have the best interest of our community at heart.

Let’s polish up our hidden gem.

Greg Henderson

Kingman Resident