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Tue, Oct. 15

Letter | Danny Gravener: After securing our borders, we need to send DACAs home

Democrats are expected to make DACA a big deal after the New Year. DACAs are the children brought across the border by their parents.

They say we should make them legal because they had no say about being brought here. They say this is the only country they know, and it would be unfair to send them back. Most of the DACA individuals admit they have traveled home with their families to visit family in Mexico.

These are the children we as taxpayer have been forced to educate, pay for their medical care when they take the child to the hospital for a runny nose. In some cases we paid for their college education when they got tuition cheaper than a citizen would pay. In many cases it was a free ride. In reality only a small percent of the group considered part of DACA have a college degree. Many have a high school education or less.

So let’s look at the pro and con of making the them legal.


  1. Increase the number of Democratic voters.


  1. They will be competing for the jobs our children are applying for. This will include serving in the military.

  2. As soon as they become legal, they will be eligible for food stamps and housing assistance. The estimated cost to taxpayers is about $20 billion over the next 10 years.

  3. Under current law they will be allowed to bring in more of their family under what they call chain migration. This will put further strain on schools and unleash more minimally skilled workers competing for jobs.

Now let’s look at some of the advantage of sending them home.

  1. Reduce the tax burden on the average American citizen.

  2. Reduce the wait time when you go the hospital emergency rooms.

  3. Reduce the need for teachers, police and others be required to learn Spanish.

  4. Reduce school class sizes.

  5. Open up jobs for our youth that are not able to go to college.

  6. It would raise the literacy level and hopefully improve living conditions in their country.

Some people will say I am prejudice for feeling this way. I must not have any Mexican Americans for friends or family. Well, you would be right.

However, I do have family members and friends who are Americans of Mexican decent. They object to be called Mexican-American. They are American.

They are proud of their heritage and believe everyone should follow the rule of law.

We need to secure the border. Send these people home. And demand businesses operating in this county use e-verify.

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