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Rants & Raves | December 31, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Trent Franks and harrassment

I don’t think Trent Franks’ intent was ever to harrass anyone; probably looking for someone he knew and admired to be a surrogate for he and Mrs. Franks. Maybe done inartfully, we are nevertheless losing one of our best.

Kingman Airport Authority vs. City case

The City of Kingman previously signed a legal long-term lease with KAA. KAA has complied with the lease requirements. Some current council members are forcing KAA to spend funds to protect that lease. What is so difficult to understand?

NACFD’s Riccardi jailed

Wow, an 81 year old with no criminal history and health problems jailed for a non violent crime? What is the real reason the County Attorney is persecuting NACFD board members? What say you, Matt Smith?

Kingman Sales Tax increase

The higher Kingman sales tax caused me to go to Bullhead City to buy a car.

Kingman Sales Tax

People should notice Bullhead City dresses up the entrance to Bullhead, Kingman does not. A scale of 1-10 Kingman is a 1. So where is the extra sales tax going?

National tax plan

National debt will increase dramatically because the wealthy, including Trump, will receive huge tax decreases paid for by the non-rich, millions will lose health coverage and/or pay increased health insurance premiums - welcome to era of Republican greed and governance.

Obituary: Gaye Troup

Years ago, 1963, Gaye took such very good care of my first child. Although I moved away, saw them intermittently over the years, she and Billy Don were great people. Rest in peace, old friend.

Linda Athens, Kingman

Misrepresenting service animals

“Service Animals” are wonderful and necessary, yes, but I see many unqualified animals in the stores. It upsets me that people bring multiple animals into the grocery stores and restaurants. No form of “service” ID on any of them.

No tags on license plates

Stickers on plates help law enforcement identify stolen plates and stolen vehicles and assists getting bad guys off the street. Law enforcement is audited on what they can/can’t run in NCIC/ACIC system, they can’t run your plate just because.

No tags on license plates

A great idea, insurance stickers! Uninsured motorists is costing the rest of us a fortune! As for getting rid of tabs on plates, that’s just pure ignorance. Who elected this woman who seems to have a dim view on police?

Send DACAs home

I agree totally with letter regarding DACA situation. If they cannot or did not come in the legal way, they have NO right to continue being here. Case closed!

Agent Orange

I was on a carrier delivering that stuff to Vietnam! I have high blood pressure and diabetes and am the only one in my family! They aren’t adding diabetes yet?

State law requires that Riccardi jailed

What about Diane Richards? Not only did her bond get lowered so that she wouldn’t have to stay in jail, at the rate her case is dragging along, I doubt that she will ever be incarcerated for her crimes.

Suspicious Fire Destroys Unoccupied Home

They can’t find an arsonist, but they can lock up an 81 year old man for poor judgement.

State law says Riccardi must be jailed

Except the fact that there vote affected nothing! All that was needed is one dissent which was the vote Patty Lewis cast.

Minimum wage increases to $10.50 Monday

$0.50 x 40 hours = $20. Thanks for the half-tank of gas.

Jailing Riccardi is not in the Christmas spirit

So, are you telling us that the prosecutor should disregard the Arizona Constitution , which mandates that under the circumstances he be held without bail?

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