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Tue, Sept. 17

Community Viewpoint: The theory of evolution is a fraud

Evolution, or the so called theory of evolution, is a fraud. The idea that life comes from nothing is nonsense.

In the first place, a basic scientific law of genetics is that life only comes from life. The “theory of evolution” doesn’t even qualify as a theory.

In order for an idea to be a theory it must be testable. Evolution (the idea that life began in some sort of puddle, with some chemicals, and over millions of years gradually became a human being) is impossible.

In the first place, the idea of evolution has never been observed in nature. It can never be reproduced and tested or verified because one cannot reproduce the past, and there are no eyewitnesses to the event except our creator, the God of the Bible.

No matter how many times the media or the public schools try to tell us that evolution is a proven fact – they are wrong. The so called theory of evolution has never been proven using good observational science. In fact, observational science has always supported the Bible.

Most people don’t realize that there are two kinds of science: observational science and historical science. Observational science is the kind of science that we build our technology on: computers, airplanes, medical breakthroughs, putting men on the moon.

Historical science is based upon assumptions. Assumptions about the distant past that we are no longer able to observe. These assumptions are not testable because they cannot be reproduced or verified. They are just assumed to be true.

The vast majority of the scientific community believes in evolution because with them it has become a religion. Most of them are either atheists or agnostics who have chosen to believe that there is no God. They believe that matter is all there is and that man is the final authority. So they have chosen to believe that Darwin’s idea of evolution is a great way to keep God out of the equation. But there are thousands of good quality scientists who do believe in God.

The problem is that they do not have the political power to offer their opinions, experiments, etc. to the mainstream scientific community. They are being marginalized to a great extent by the mainstream scientific community.

I have read reports that in many of our science classes students are not allowed to question evolution. We are not allowed to question science? I thought that was what science is all about. We learn by asking questions. It’s amazing that this happens in a free country. Remember, truth does not require a majority opinion.

There is a witness and He is God. God tells us in His Word how everything began. But we, in our ignorance or arrogance have refused to believe.

We would rather believe man’s fallible opinions than God’s infallible Word (2 Timothy 3:16).

As far as the ape-men mentioned, those have been refuted years ago by most scientists after closer examination for various reasons.

They have all been reclassified as Homo erectus or “upright man”. Yes, those bones are still in many museums today simply because, I suppose, they don’t realize that scientists have abandoned the idea that these examples are really the missing link, or they continue to hope for the missing link.

The vast ages assigned to fossils and rocks is another subject based upon historical science, which is based upon assumptions or presuppositions on the part of the scientists doing the dating, and the method of dating which would take too much time to explain and would bore everyone to exhaustion.

Just remember that as knowledgeable and as brilliant as scientists are, they don’t know everything. Only God does. Psalm 14:1 says, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” God has told us how man came to be. We are free to believe it or not. I choose to believe it because it makes more sense than the fairy tale of evolution.

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