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Tue, April 23

Miner needs conservative columnists

As I sit here watching Donald Trump being sworn in while reading my Jan. 20 edition of the Daily Miner, your opinion page rocks me! His 75 percent choice by the Mohave County voters begets us your choice of Roger Simon, national columnist, for a display of insults to both him and we who supported him and was a poor choice! Simon is a rotten egg and does not earn an ounce of respect with his trash talk. “Simple” Simon says that President Trump considers we the people to be humble and “dogs to their master, him.” He calls him a serial molester (what would that make the Kennedys and Clintons, rapists?). He calls Mr. Trump illegitimate. This is the type of tripe I would expect in the New York papers. You are foisting garbage columns too often. You show little respect for the will and belief of the conservative 75 percent you serve. By your choice of national columnists, you “appear” to be ultra-liberal, to a fault. Mr. Trump’s plurality should tell you that your survival in an electronic/internet world is based on readers looking for good news and support for their choice to exist without a local TV station, news radio station, sports team or other news sources.

If 75 percent grind their teeth because their beliefs are constantly challeneged by your choice of national columnists, something’s gotta give.

I am getting weary. Home prices are spiking and we have two nice ones. I love it here, but grinding my teeth is not good at my advanced age. Good news is fine, but bad news is hard to maintain a good attitude and a “happy face.”

What Mr. Trump said at his swearing in as our president reminded me of President Ronald Reagan. Those were the days. It can happen again.

If you could give him a chance – more Ms. Malkin, less Ms. Fromp, Mr. Simon and those who trample our hopes of vastly improving on two terms of Obama who caps it with commuting sentences of terrorists and deserters!

Garry “GV” Saylor

Golden Valley

Editor’s Note: The Miner publishes conservative columnists Walter E. Williams, Austin Bay, Judge Andrew P. Napalitano, Ben Shapiro, Patrick Buchanan, Michael Barone, and Larry Elder, amongst others, on a regular basis. Libertarians Ron Paul, Steve Chapman and John Stossel also appear regularly.


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