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Mon, April 22

Community Viewpoint: Science and Religion Have Butted Heads Before

In response to David Gaither’s letter.

He asked how his beliefs affect a non-believer. It has affected non-believers and science for centuries. Religious leaders have interrupted and actually attacked the progress of science. For example, in the year 1514, after much research and star studying, Copernicus, a sharp as a tack astronomer, put out a report to the public that the sun was the center of our solar system. A short time later, the church stated the earth, not the sun, was the center of our solar system with the sun and all other planets revolving around it. The church then said that if anyone had different views on the subject, they would be treated as a heretic.

Another example of interference by religious leaders is Galileo. He is another great astronomer and inventor and has numerous achievements to his credit. Among them was the improvement of the telescope to see distant planets. He also invented the first pendulum clock so that time was much more accurate. But his great work irritated the church, so they put him under house arrest until the day he died.

In 1519, Magellan, funded by Spain, sailed his ship all the way around the world showing proof positive that the world really was round. Prior to leaving on his voyage, the church put out a threat that if Magellan did set sail, he need not return. But Magellan did come back to a hero’s welcome showing that the world was not flat as the Bible says. Yes, some Bibles still say the earth is flat; Genesis 11: 1-9. Isaiah 11:12 says there are four corners of the earth. Revelation 7:1 states there are four corners with angels at each corner.

Mr. Gaither, do you still wonder why some of us don’t believe in your religious belief? In your letter, you were concerned about non-believers thinking you were stupid and ignorant. You are not stupid at all, but are ignorant of scientific facts. Possibly with an open mind you could research these facts. A good research start is a book called “Blasphemy or Common Sense” also available at It’s funny, informative and a fast read. After you have done some scientific research and you have decided to keep your religious beliefs, that is fine. All you did was read a book that made you laugh. Lord, we need a laugh once in a while! Did I say that?


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