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Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Keep the good stuff of Obamacare

Expand Obamacare? It can already expand itself without voting or anyone’s approval or consent. Obamacare established exchanges that would offer cheaper insurance that would cover everyone for everything. Trouble is you needed all the young people to sign up for it as well to keep the cost down. But for the same reason they didn’t buy insurance before Obama, they didn’t buy into policies offered at the Obamacare exchanges.

So insurance on the exchanges did three things. One signed the poor up for Medicaid, two signed up those who were turned down by insurance companies because of pre-existing conditions and three signed up those whose policies had been canceled by insurance companies because they no long met the Obamacare level of coverage.

So just how would you expand it? Those who go without insurance face stiff penalties from the IRS but still cheaper than insurance premiums and paying the huge deductible attached to those very policies. Don’t forget that premiums of Obamacare policies have gone up an average of 15% a year since their creation.

One area never addressed under Obamacare was doctor malpractice and capping liability that would help keep cost down. So how do you expand a system that has failed so badly?

First keep the good stuff, make sure insurance companies can’t turn anyone down, can’t cancel policies and can’t put a cap on money spent. And next you eliminate all the boards and commissions that would be more than 100 that control and dictate care and spending. And next you offer a limited policy that individuals, small business and big business can add to.

But to make it really work we all have to be working so no more holding the economy back. Time to create jobs. The poor and the rich are already taken care of, it’s the middle class that needs saving. It will, after all, be individuals with insurance plan membership working for employers to pay for part of their plan. Cheaper then payroll taxes and on more wages. But everyone has to be part of the plan: RR, unions, and government workers and politicians. If we’re not all in it together we cannot together help make it work.

William Ressegue


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