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Tue, July 23

Letter: What Women’s Rights?

After watching 25 hours of the wonderful two-day inauguration ceremonies this Saturday morning, I turned on the TV to one of the women’s marches. Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren was speaking, saying after all the women’s rights Obama had gotten them, basically Trump was going to take them away. This only hours after President Trump’s swearing in.

What rights don’t women have? They wanted abortion, got it to the tune of 60 million dead babies, half of them female. They are now firemen, fighter pilots, CEOs of companies. If they are male they can become female and vice versa. Many get top pay. So what is the fake Cherokee talking about? I haven’t a clue.

I was heartened at the Christian tone of the inaugural with some half dozen pastors, a Jewish rabbi (first time since 1985) quoting so much scripture and President Trump ending with the admonition that in the end, God is supreme. It is He who gives us all breath. A light rain fell on his shoulders, causing Reverend Franklin Graham to remark that rain starting to fall on someone in the Bible meant that person will be blessed.

For us of the Christian faith, the faith of our Founding Fathers, the very faith our founding documents sprang forth from but which have been trampled of late by atheists in our country, that was indeed music to our ears. The secret is, Trump loves Israel. Obama hated Israel and because of that, produced nothing of import.

Trump will produce, bring back the good we have lost and ultimately, be one of our greatest presidents. And the push back against him from the enemy will be great ... but he will prevail ... like the walls in Nehemiah.

Linda Athens



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